Bench Press

Bench Press One  Bench Press Two

1. Lay on bench with your shoulder blades pulled together and a slight arch in your lower back.

2. Take a grip inside the rings.  Grip the bar tight and try to pull the bar apart throughout the movement.

3. Place your feet in a position where you will be able to put pressure into the ground and drive your upper back into the bench.  They should be underneath your body, not directly out in front.

4.  Keep your elbows tucked as you lower the bar.  They do not have to be tucked right at your sides, but keep them close.  Have the bar touch the lower portion of the pecs.

5. Pushing your feet into the ground and your upper back into the bench, press the bar back up by flaring your elbows out and pushing the bar back slightly towards the rack (flare your lats out as you press).  While pressing the bar up you should be pressing your heels into the ground and putting pressure on your upper back.  Tip: Imagine pushing yourself away from the bar, not pushing the bar away from you.

6. Your elbows and wrists should maintain a straight line throughout the movement.

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