Shoulder Mobilization Strategies Part II: Videos

Here are the videos of the exercises talked about in Shoulder Mobilization Strategies Part I.

Banded Bully

Overhead Banded Distraction

Supine Bilateral Internal Rotation

Forearm Wall Slides

Here is an exercise from the warm-up/corrective routine I posted previously.  This exercise helps with correcting issues with humerus and scapula elevation.

While this is a simple exercise, technique is important. One of the biggest issues with an exercise like this is that people will move through it too fast and ignore technique. It is very important to ensure that one does not shrug the shoulders while doing this.

Upper Body Injury Prevention & Warm-Up Routine

Recently I posted an article giving some information on common upper body postural issues that contribute to the occurence of injury with training.  In that article I provided some videos of exercises that may be performed to help address some of the weaknesses and imbalances that individuals have in their upper body.   In this post, I am going to provide a general routine that can assist in strengthening weak muscles along with mobilizing areas that may be tight

1.  Foam Roll Thoracic Spine X 15-20

2.  Foam Roll Lats X 15-20

3.  Sidelying Extension/Rotation X 10

4.  Sidelying Rotation X10

5.  Sidelying Windmill X10

6.  Forearm Wall Slides X5

7.  Scapular Wall Slides X5

8.  Blackburns 4 positions/10 second holds

9.  Sleeper Stretch 2 X 15 seconds each side

10.  Underhand Band Pull-Aparts X20-40

This routine will help to strengthen and mobilize areas in the upper body to help prevent common injuries to the shoulder region.  These exercises can be performed prior to an upper body strength training session and/or on off days.  For an individual with a significant imbalance around the shoulder girdle, it would be recommended to perform the exercises daily.

If you want to see how the exercises are performed, I will be posting videos on the YouTube site in the next day or two (some of them are already in some of the videos.

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