Another Exercise for the Hips- Band Clamshells



Band set-up.  Tie a knot in a resistance band to make a small loop.

Band set-up. Tie a knot in a resistance band to make a small loop.


Wrap the band (with the knot tied in in as shown in the picture, unless you have a really small resistance band) just above the patella.  Drive the top knee upwards while keeping the feet together.  It should be noted that some individuals can benefit by performing this exercise without resistance (particularly if they have muscle imbalances and issues with activating their glutes).  Much like the band X-walk, this exercise can be beneficial for individuals with back, hip, and knee problems.

Simple exercise to fix common injury issues- Band X walk

The band-X walk is an exercise, when performed correctly, can be used to address many injury problems that affect the back and lower extremity.

XwalksIII XwalksII


Set up a band as pictured.  Drive one foot out by abducting your hip, and then follow by bring the other foot in a controlled fashion.  One key with this movement is to make sure that your torso is braced appropriately; individuals with weak abdominals will tip and rock their torso when they perform this exercise.  Another item is to make sure that the other leg follows in a controlled fashion, don’t just let the band pull it over to meet the lead leg (the eccentric contraction here also provides benefits).  This exercise can be used as both a warm-up to a lower body or running session, or can be incorporated into the main portion of a workout.

This exercises is done to address specifically the glute medius (also helps promote abdominal bracing).  This can help with many injury problems including, but not limited to:

*Low back pain

*Knee pain

*Ankle sprains

*Lower leg pain (“Shin Splints”).

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