Article featured in Elitefts Make-A-Wish Foundation Holiday E-Book

Dave Tate and Elitefts have put together a great training resource for a great cause.  Elitefts has just put out the 2011 Make-A-Wish E-Book “Programs that Work,” with all of the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

The e-book contains over 30 programs.   Included in the e-book is an article by me, titled “Lower Body Agility/Power/Strength Training for a Field Hockey Goalie.” A while back I posted a blog article giving one piece of this program; the e-book contains an entire training block I used to train this athlete.

The e-book features many outstanding professionals in the strength & conditioning field and covers a range of training topics for various sports (basketball, MMA, powerlifting, figure competitions, and more).  The donation for the book is $10 (additional donations can be added to the $10).  For $10 you will get a great deal of information and support a GREAT cause.

Click on this link<a href=”″></a> to take you to the site where you can order the e-book.

I have read these e-books in the past and have always enjoyed them.  They have even put the past e-books out if you would like to grab one of them as well.

The Vault

Anyone looking for a great training resourse needs to visit the EliteFTS website.  Dave Tate has put together a FREE (that’s right free) download with an abundance of information.  Anyone who is interested in strength training is probably familiar with the site.  If not you should be

I became familiar with EliteFTS in the summer of 2000 when I saw Dave give a talk with Louie Simmons at a state NSCA seminar.  In 2003 I went to a Force Training Seminar given by Dave (there is a video of one of these in The Vault ebook) which really helped to shape my views on strength training.

Beyond all of this Elite is a great company.  There  products are top notch and you always get great service.  This FREE (I can’t stress that enough, this ebook could probably sell for at least $50 given what most of them go for these days) resource is a testament to a company that has a vested interest in educating individuals.

So go get it!  THE VAULT

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