Training Services

Here is a list of services provided by Mensinger Performance & Fitness Systems.  Many of the programming and consulting options are very flexible for fitting you training goals.  All of my programming options include the following:

Supplemental work to do on your own (i.e. flexibility, mobility, & basic nutritional advice to help reach individual goals)

NO ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP FEES for working out with me either individal or in groups.  Only pay fees based on training sessions you purchase.

Team/Family discounts are available based on number of individuals training and option(s) selected.  Please contact me in regards to the discount options.  These are also availble if both parents and their children want to train.

Here are the options available.  Feel free to contact me at 610-301-5591 or email at if you have any questions about program options.  The training site is in Wyomisssing, PA.  NOTE: Other options may be made available based on individual circumstances, please call with questions.  Payments can be made in installments depending on options selected.

Individual Training Sessions- 10 sessions (1 hour each)/$475 (installment option available).  10 individal sessions scheduled with me with training tailored to meet your individal needs.  Supplemental work to do on your own and email contact included.  Expiration date on sessions.

Small Group (3-5 per group) training- 10 sessions (1 hour each)/$200 per person (installment options available).  Train in groups of 3-5 and save on sessions while still getting high qualitiy training and attention to your goals.  Supplemental work and email contact included.  Expiration date on sessions.

Hybrid Programs- $230 one month training (4 sessions) with at home program.  $420  8 sessions- 1 x week for 2 mos or 2 x week for 1 mo with complete at home program (installment options available).  Get the best of both individual training along with performing a program on your own.  At home programs designed based on what you have available to you (you don’t need another gym to go to) and your goals.  Prices are for individuals.  If you have a group looking to do this, contact for group rates.

Online programs.  These are programs designed by me for you do do on your own with my guidance.  All programs include all types of training (mobility, strength, speed, conditioning) within your training programs.  Individuals will get email access for questions and issues that arise with programs.  Individual instruction and meeting options are available with program purchase.  Prices: $95 for initial program (4 weeks of training)/$125 with individual meeting for instruction or training (1 hour session).  $55 for updates to program/$90 for additional instructional sessions.

As stated earlier, other options can be made available based on your needs if none of these fit.  Also that team and family discounts will be made availble as well.

Location: Office/Training Studio: Wyomissing, PA

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