1. Begin by stepping under the bar and placing it comfortably on the upper trap region.  Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Take a full grip on the bar or and tuck your elbows underneath as pictured.
  2. Take a deep breath and arch your back to remove the bar from the rack.
  3. Take a slightly wider that shoulder width stance.  Either point toes straight ahead or out slightly. 
  4. Take another deep breath and flex your abdomen.  Start the descent by breaking first at the hips and sitting back.  Keep your chest and head up during the descent.  During the descent press your feet apart as if trying to spread the floor apart.  Keep your eyes focused straight ahead as you squat.
  5. Once you reach parallel to slightly below parallel (depends on preference), explode back to the top.  Lead with your chest and head and arch your back to return to the start position.

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