Box Squat


  1. Unrack the bar as you would for the free squat.  Position bar over upper trap/mid back region.  Squeeze your upper back together and grab the bar as tight as possible. Tuck your elbows underneath the bar and take a full grip on the bar.  Take a step back and position yourself in front of the box.  Stance will be wider than with a free squat.  Point your toes outwards slightly.
  2. Take in a deep breath into your abdominal region and contract your abdomen.  Break first at the hips and drive them back as you sit down and back onto the box.  Keep your abdomen contracted and have a tight arch in your low and upper back.
  3. When you are on the box, your lower legs should be perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Relax briefly (hips, keep abdomen and low back tight) and explode off of the box driving your upper back into the bar.  Be sure to lead with your head.

**Box height

Use a box height that allows you to sit back comfortably.  Your goal is to be able to use a box that allows your thighs to get to parallel.  You may have to use a higher box to start.

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