Jason Mensinger is currently an instructor in the Athletic Training Education Program at Neumann University, where he also teaches courses in their Strength & Conditioning minor program.  Prior to this, he was practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach at DIII Alvernia University for 8 years.  His interest in strength training and conditioning methods began during his own high school and collegiate athletic experiences.  Jason participated in both high school basketball and football, and continued his football career at DIII King’s College.  While studying for his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training, Jason looked to further his knowledge of the most effective and proven methods to enhance physical performance.  In addition to his required studies, Jason took it upon himself to attend various strength and conditioning seminars and research topics related to strength and conditioning.

Although he doesn’t believe that there is a perfect way to train every individual, Jason believes that certain principles and methodologies deserve more merit and attention.  He is a firm believer and student of the Eastern European methods of physical preparation that have been proven to be effective over the years.  Jason continues to further his education in Eastern Bloc methods by reading various literature, attending seminars, and corresponding with other strength and conditioning professionals on this topic.

It is also his belief that while some programs “look good on paper” and use gadgets and other strength and conditioning gimmicks, some just aren’t practical for most athletes and individuals.  There is a need to balance the art and science of developing programs for all individuals, with hard work on the part of him and his clients always being part of the formula.  He looks to develop efficient and effective programs that meet the needs of his clients using time tested methods focusing on the QUALITY of the work not the QUANTITY, and will not have a client perform activities not directly related to achieving their goals.  Jason also believes that an individual’s attitude can have dramatic effects on the results of a training regimen.  Whether the individual is an athlete or a “non-competitive” active individual, he looks to get the best out of his clients and expects them to put forth the effort necessary to achieve their goals.

In addition to helping other achieve their performance goals, Jason continually strives to improve his own physical preparation.  In addition to keeping up with his general stength training and conditioning, Jason is also a 2nd degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate under Grand Master Dennis Moyer (8th degree black belt).

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