Combative Warm-Up II

This past summer I put a a post on a Combatives Warm-Up.  This was a warm-up designed for individuals involved in any type of combative sport (i.e. karate, kickboxing, etc).  I have implemented this warm-up as a regular routine for a combatives/self-defense class at the school where I study martial arts (Master Moyers Karate, Shillington PA).  Like all forms of physical activity, indivudals can adapt to a warm-up just as they could any form of exercise.  So with that in mind, I designed a second warm-up routine.

This specific routine puts a much greater focus on hip mobility and muscle activation.  You will notice when going through this routine, there is a much greater volume of ground-based mobility work.  I felt that for the group that was consistently coming to this particular classs, that this would be most beneficial to them at this point.  There are some similar movements between this routine and the first warm-up (you can review the video from the first to see some of the exercises).

Here is Warm-Up II:

1.  Neck Circles X5 each way

2.  Arm Circles- Palms up/Palms Down, Forwards/Backwards, Little/Big X 5 each way

3.  Shoulder PNF Patterns X5

4.  Standing Hip Circles X5 each way

5.  Bodyweight Good Mornings X5

6. Standing Trunk Circles X5

7.  McGill Crunch X 10

8.  Moving Front Plank X10

9. Moving Side Plank X10 each side

10.  Cat/Camel X10

11.  Glute Kicks X 5 each side

12.  Quadruped Hip Circles- Forwards/Backwards X 5 each way

13.  Bent Knee Side Raise X5

14.  Prone Knee to Armpit X5

15.  Prone Scorpion X 5

16.  Push-Up Stretch X 5 (5 sec hold at top)

17.  Push-Up Stretch with Twist X 5 each side (5 sec hold at top)

18.  Dynamic Blackburns X 5

19.  Blackburn holds- 4 positions 10 seconds each position

20.  Hip Crossovers with feet elevated X5

21.  Leg Whips X 5

22.  Straight Leg Raise X5

23.  Lying Leg Twist X 5 each side

24.  Static Hip Flexor Stretch X 15 seconds

25.  Static 90/90 Piriformis X15 seconds

*The following are all movement drills across floor (10-15 yards)

26.  Cossack to glute stretch

27.  Straight Leg Kicks

28. Rolling Hops

29.  Ankle Pops/High Knees/Sprint*

*Perform 10 low ankle pops/Stationary High knees for 5 count/Sprint 10-15 yards

Visit my youtube site to see videos of individual exercises.

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