Training without equipment

Many young athletes want to get started with training, but for one reason or another may not have access to certain types of eqiupment.  For  young athletes (9th grade and up) without access to equipment, one can still make great gains in strength and speed.  Here is a 3 day a week program:


Jumping Jacks X10

Seal Jumps X10

Prisoner Squats X10

Prisoner Reverse Lunge X10

Arm Circles- Small/Big, Palms up/down, forward/backward X5 each

Bodyweight Goodmornings X10

Lying Straight Leg Raises X10

Side Leg Raises X10

4 point hip circles X5 forwards and backwards

4 point outside leg raise with knee bent X5

Movement Drills: (Perform for a distance of 10-15 yards)

A march

B march

A skip

B skip

A run

B run

Ankle Shuffles

Rolling Hops

Speed & Power

Standing Broad Jumps X5-8 (full rest in between jumps)

Squat Jumps (Single Response = jump-stick landing-jump) 2X6

Strength Training

1.  Bodyweight Squats 3X20-30

2.  Bodyweight Lunges 3X15-25

3.  Push-ups 3X10-30

4.  Chin-ups or Inverted Row 3XAs many reps as possible

5.  Front Plank 3X20-45 seconds

On  two days (after doing the warm-up again) do hill sprints:

40 -60 yard hill sprintsX 8 – 12

*Much of what you do here could depend on the size and slope of the hill.  If you are just getting started, sprint up the hill and walk back down.  Sprint back up once you get to the bottom.

Many of the exercises in the warm-up will be good exercises to being speed work.  Don’t get started with random drills done at “speed training facilities” as these will do nothing for you except get you better at doing drills. 

All programs need to be tailored to individual needs.  For the most part this could give a young athlete without access to equipment a good start.  Like everything else with training, one will eventually adapt and have to change training means to continue to get results.

Post a comment if you have questions on exercises or modifications to this program.



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