Ground-based hip mobility routine (For any sport)

Here is a ground-based hip mobility routine I did for a male hockey player who wanted just some extra mobility work for his hips.   This is something that can be done prior to lower body lifting, as a part of a speed warm-up with some other movement-based drills, or as an extra workout to keep your hip loose.  I have used this as a warm-up for martial arts workouts as well.

Great Hamstring Article/Video

Hamsting injuries can become a major issue for an athlete during the competitive season.  These strains can become reoccuring issue if appropriate rehabilitation does not take place.  While working as a clinical ATC at the collegiate level, I saw my fair share of athletes coming in from high school who had hamstring injures, and continued to have issues with them when they started their collegiate careers.

Juggernaut Training Systems posted an outstanding article and video on treating hamstring strains.  In the past I have used many of these same principles while doing rehabilitation with athletes (esepecially the focus on the soft tissue techniques).  One of the big issues with hamstring strains is the scar tissue that forms and needs to be remodeled appropriately; the video does a nice job of addressing this.

Check out the video HERE

The crew at Juggernaut does a great job with their programming.  I have purchased many of the ebooks on their site, and have always felt I have got my money’s worth. 



Injury Prevention for the Shoulder

Various orthopedic injuries may affect the shoulder of anyone involved in athletics.  Whether it be through strength training or activities involved in a specific sport, shoulder pain is not an uncommon issue facing active individuals.  When looking at chronic pain issues around the shoulder, there are various activities one may do to prevent chronic pain resulting from tendinopathies or impingment at the shoulder.

The following are some activities that may be incorporated into a warm-up regimen, or used as an extra work out to help prevent or decrease shoulder pain:

Band Pull-Apart

YTWL Series

Shoulder Tractioning, Scapular Wall Slides

Dynamic Blackburns

Lat Stretch

You will notice that most of these exercises deal with the muscles surrounding the scapula.  Even though strengthening the rotator cuff is very important, individuals tend to neglect the muscles surrounding the scapula.  Poor control of the scapula can lead to many chronic issues at the shoulder (i.e. rotator cuff tendonitis, impingement, etc).

Try incorporating some of these into your upper body strength warm-up routine, or as an extra workout to address weak or deficient areas.

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