Warm-Up and Injury Prevention for Fighting and Athletic Performance Seminar

Mensinger Performance & Fitness Systems and Master Moyer’s Karate & Kickboxing will be hosting a seminar focusing on the topics of warm-up and injury prevention.  Although geared towards the combat athlete, any athlete or fitness enthusiast will find a great deal of information in this 2 & 1/2 hour session.  Topics to be covered and activites include:

*Warm-Up Routine Design

*Specific mobility and injury prevention exercises for the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, & back

*Breakout sessions with opportunities to do some of the exercises and activities

*Open Q & A session at the conclusion of the event

This seminar will consist of both discussion and active participation by the attendees.  Everyone in attendance will receive a manual with information from the seminar in it, along with sample routines and exercises based on what was discussed at the seminar.

Cost: $25- $15 for each additional family member who signs up

Time & Date: 1-3:30 pm On Saturday, December 3

Place: Master Moyer’s Karate & Kickboxing Factory

Anyone involved in fighting/combat sports will get a great deal of information for a great price.  The manual itself will give some great options and ways  to incorporate the information into your training regimen.

Contact Jason Mensinger- jasonmensinger79@gmail.com if you have any questions or call 610-301-5591

For outstanding martial arts instruction (where I earned my 2nd degree Black Belt) and competitive kickboxing training program, vist www.moyerskarate.com

A registration form for the seminar can be downloaded at this link- SeminarDec

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