What more do you need?

Time being of the essence, people are always trying to get the most effective training sessions possible.  It is amazing though, how complicated people make the process.  This is no doubt an issue especially in most commercial gym settings where individuals many times spend a great deal of time doing workouts that are both inefficient and ineffective.   If people are indeed busy, fitting these workouts into their weekly schedule probably isn’t the best way to be utilizing this time.

Another question:  why do people spend so much time at the gym?  Why is it that they feel the need to lift for 2 hours, yet they never gain the strength levels they should?  I use to be around a few athletes who thought this.  They felt they could do what they saw in most bodybuidling magazines in grocery stores and that it would make them stronger.  Either that, or they would do a workout that supposedly professional athlete A, B, or C was using because it if it “worked” for that athlete, it would have to work for them as well (although their results spoke for themselves).

Whether you are an athlete or just someone looking to train hard to be strong and healthy, making good use of your time while training is of utmost importance.  This is especially true in regards to strength training, where the optimal results typcially come from shorter workouts (less than one hour). 

Individuals such as Jim Wendler of elite fitness systems (the 5/3/1 ebooks are great, I have used these for my athletes with a great deal of success), Jason Ferrugia (who recently just put out another publication on the topic of getting results with using basics, I haven’t looked at it yet but I have some of his other works and they are all top notch), Zack Even-Esch, and Joe Defranco have one thing in common: the workouts they design for their clients and themselves are very short and simple.  They are also very EFFECTIVE!

Most of these individuals starting training both themselves and clients in garages and warehouses.  Joe Defranco began training some of his professional athletes in a storage closet!  No, they didn’t have juice bars and a shiny lineup of machines (most of which can actually be more dangerous than free weights), but they did have were simple and effective programs that delivered.

I am going to write a series of posts on the topic of keeping to the basics with short-effective workouts.  As I have stated before, whether you are an athlete or a busy working adult who wants to train, I think all of this can be applicable to you.  What these posts are going to illustrate is that even with being short on time and equipment, you can get in very effective training sessions.

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